Thursday, 19 August 2010

I can will be your friend

That I’m not your companion,
you said,
but perhaps I can will be your friend.
And it seems that is truth:
I’m not your companion,
because you are not accomplice of my ideals,
you must learn to being it.
You are not sister of my dreams,
you must learn to dream truly.
You don’t indicate the same will
in order to walk by this footpath,
this route to the freedom…
but you don’t worry
still there is time for us.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

My blueberry nights

My blueberry nights
are those that I have with you
and with my dreams with you.

Nights happens releases
when you are not here,
wallpaper becomes more yellow
and their images say stories
of simple and sad things.

Why you are not here with me?

(I wait film)

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Open arms

W. B. U.

You will see that everything is not lost,
if you wanted therefore it,
listen to the rumors of flight
that they are insinuates by your heart,
scratches every thing,
tears the anchylosed and infamous fear.
Listen me, I am turned into moan,
that it is deafs and it rendered.

You will never be happy accepting the fear,
it imagines that you unfold your wings
for the first time,
and you must to conquer the confusion
that presses to you,
for once, jump,
that I am here and my arms are open…

Saturday, 3 May 2008

If you see me

If you see me
as yesterday I had saw for you
I fall slaved of your eyes.

You ask to me very insistently
and I respond to you: No.

Give me, again, that smile
than so costs to you to draw in your face
and that to few people you deliveries.

You ask to me very insistently
and I respond to you: Not yet

If you spoke to me,
as yesterday I were spoken for you
I fall slaved of your words

You ask to me very insistently
and I respond to you: Maybe

Give me, again, that skin
than you haven’t given anybody more
and you leave them that they wish to you

You approach me and you ask to me insistently
then I respond to you: OK.

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Do you like that I get up?

You look me as if you invite me to get up,
and certainly I want to do it.

Which are desires that you hidden,
on the attic that is your heart?

In spite of your smile,
always you receive me among of the silence,
but your eyes invite me to get up.

I want to climb you,
with stairs or without they,
because I don’t need feet,
you have given wings me.

When I arrive to home at night
I will want to get up you
and later on I like get down so, so happy

Do you like that I get up?

Monday, 7 April 2008

A siren that refuses to jump into sea

After to walk under too many moons
by fear’s ways
you have become a woman
that prefers the security of your borders.
Dry borders.

Already I know that you are scared,
but is enough to dream.
It’s enough, because to dream with seas
don’t dunk and don’t wet to you..

Fears are not clothes
that you are put
and soon it removes.

Fears are like seas
in which we must submerge.

Failure’s ways are like veins
by where you bleed slowly
and the blood dunks to you
into sea of the shame, that’s right.

But this sea isn’t as all the seas.

Don’t cry for yourself,
our hearts already are deaf.

You are a siren,
for me, ever you has been a siren
that refuses to jump into sea.
But I ask to you that you jump,
without fears
because I am inside,
I always have been inside.

I will be a wharf for you,
thus you can jump inside
and leave when you want.

Jump, baby, jump
than seas haven’t fear’s ways.

Jump, baby, jump,
for me you are a siren.

A siren that refuses jump into sea
that I am.

But, listen to me, I ‘m inside.

Saturday, 29 March 2008

Norah´s skies

«They don't have skies like this in New York»,
Lee Alexander said.
And that’s true.
But for me, skies aren’t as beautiful as you,
oh, Norah.

Since the day I saw your face for first time,
there is no sky more beautiful than you.
From the day I saw you eyes,
I fall in love, crazy, crazy for you.
Norah, Norah,
let me breathe you
in this sky that… it is so yours.

Oh, Norah,
turn me on as that sky,
as that sky that you have ignited
with fire of your voice.

Norah, Norah,
you continue igniting that sky
and all skies…

Thursday, 27 March 2008

They hide her

She is uncomfortable after to get her triumphs.
Prizes seemed that they hide hers.
By the way, it is a beautiful way to be hidden.

What to do? It seems that she is saying,
Because she doesn’t knows how to react.

Only smiles beautiful soft voice princess,
Only smiles and continue singing.

What happens after to win so many prizes?
The way finishes?
Can sleep the Amazon?

Only smiles sweet butterfly,
because you don’t should to rest,
because you condemned yourself
to continue singing for them.

When will be the end?
By the way, to hide itself never is well.

There will be an end?
There are your hands and
there are my fears
to build a footpath to future.

She smiles innocently because still is games time

The ghosts also usually play
between corridors and windows

You cannot shout, because you are hidden of your prizes.

Friday, 21 March 2008

Female of a little voice

You are a flower,
color, light and verse.
You are a song,
weeping, joy and dream.
You are nocturnal ballad
and so mad creed.
You are crazy passion,
and snatched kiss,
but when I haven’t to you
you are pain, distress and grief,
barren field,
desert steppe,
frosted culture,
you are a painful secret
when I haven’t to you.
When you are with me
I am a crazy person
who not stop to sing,
I am a crazy person
who put seeds by the ways,
I am a crazy person
who loves to paint of blue the fields
and the green tallest skies,
but when I haven’t to you
you are pain, distress and grief,
barren field,
desert steppe,
frosted culture,
you are a painful secret
when I haven’t to you.

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Deep and unsoundeable

She ever has been deep and unsoundeable.
A yearning would never be guessed in her.
Behind of her face there is a world
as interesting as lost.

But her voice is a hand
which it finds me in the silence.
I don’t know
and I ask you:
What are yours eyes going to find in me?

Silences were added
and they make a future
that we won’t be,
because you are so deep and unsoundeable
with me like the same with you.

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Norah´s lips

If your lips kissed my lips,
to forget you
it would be as easy as to be able to see
without the sun.

If your lips kissed to me,
I would to fly
until the sky
without wings.

Kiss me, Norah, kiss me
that I want to fly…

Kiss me, Norah, kiss me
teach me to fly.

Kiss me, Norah, kiss me
give me the heat
that I need to continue living…

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Feeling the same

You and I are feeling the same
although we don’t know ourselves.
I understand what you are singing,
because, when I listen to you to sing,
just here
you turn me on.
You shake each one cells of my body.
When I listen to you
my heart is a horse
than it’s running,
like a thousand loose crazy people.
When you see to fall a star
You shake yourself
You are surprised,
But don’t worry
I feel the same than you.
My clothes also fall sometimes
and you smile
and me smile…

As you see
we are feeling the same…

I think of you

You come in from every place
and you grow up from the shadows,
each time.
Then I can’t ignore what it’s happening.
I only know that something is growing up in me,
something makes me see you everywhere
I look at the flowers and the clouds
and I see you in them.
What have you done to me?
My eyes are full of you.
So like my ears are full of you, too,
but you are so far
and my hands are empty
and I can’t smell your essence.
What have you done to me?
I can’t stop seeing you,
because I see you in everything
Did you put a spell on me?

When I don’t see you, it’s wonderful,
because my skin calls to you,
and my skin becomes hopeless,
and so I feel I’m alive.